Use and run

After completing the definition command, you can execute the command to process the corresponding business logic.

If not set, Swoft defaults to running commands in the coroutine environment.

Special Note

In the command, it is always impossible to directly operate the server. Every time you run a command, it's in a completely new process, except that you use the same code, nothing else.

View command

View all command groups that are currently defined

 php bin/swoft
# 或者
php bin/swoft -h
php bin/swoft --help 

View version

View current swoft frame version information

 php bin/swoft -V
# 或者
php bin/swoft --version 

Command help information

Command group help information

 php bin/swoft http
# 或者
php bin/swoft http -h 

Specific command help information

 php bin/swoft http:start -h
# 或者
php bin/swoft http:start --help 

Excuting an order

Run an operation command under the command group.

 php bin/swoft http:start