Developer tool

Swoft provides some built-in tools for developers to use.

Installation component

Most of the tools are placed in the component swoft/devtool

 composer require swoft/devtool 

CLI help command

A CLI help command is provided to allow the user to quickly generate some basic classes. The generated class file can be used with a little adjustment.

  • Operating environment check
  • Provide database table entity class generation
  • Provide basic class template file generation

Convenient web UI

  • Server, application information display
  • Registered routing information (http, websocket, rpc)
  • Simple webSocket test tool
  • Simple log view (TODO)
  • Web version of class file generation (TODO)
  • And so on for a variety of information about servers and applications

More features

Follow-up will add more help tools according to user needs, welcome users to provide comments and contribution code


Participate in the contribution

You can modify the fork repository and then launch PR